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Curtain Cleaning

Do you need hassle-free curtain cleaning?

curtain cleaning


  • Curtains Shortened – £6.00 per metre
  • Curtains (unlined) – £2.25 per sq./m
  • Curtains (lined) – £2.95 per sq./m
  • Curtain Lining – £0.90 per sq./m
  • Pelmets – from £4.40

What does our complete curtain service offer to you?

Do you need to take the effort out of curtain cleaning? Our complete service includes “take-down” and “re-hanging” along with our collection and delivery service, so we will ensure that your curtains look their very best again in no time.

Our curtain service is simple; all you need to do is ask. Our specialists will be happy to visit your location and start right at step one by taking the curtains down for you. We take the curtains, carry out the cleaning and re-hang them for you. There’s no need for you to lift a finger!

We are able to take on almost any scale of curtain cleaning, from small-scale jobs to a thorough clean, for an entire floor or even an entire property. Whether ultra-modern or traditionally styled complete with pelmets, we will ensure cleaning that is hard on dirt and soft on material.