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Restoring Flood- and Smoke-Damaged Fabrics

Are your curtains suffering from flood or smoke damage?

House fires and floods are terrible ordeals for anyone. When they cause severe damage to your property, it is sometimes irreversible and no doubt very distressing. So, if you’ve ever experienced either in your home, you have our sympathy. One consolation though, however small, is that you may not have to add some fabric items to your replacement list. You might be able to save any curtains, bedding, cushions or clothes suffering from flood or smoke damage.

Understandably, these things may not be your highest priority. However, some items may not be completely doomed, particularly those that were in drawers or a wardrobe during the fire or flood. Sometimes it is simply a matter of time.

Water: Do you have items suffering from flood damage?

Flood Damage

In the event of a flood, you may forget about your wardrobe until it’s too late to save. Your clothes can develop mould before you finally have them cleaned properly, especially if you store them away, and end up causing permanent damage. The same goes for other affected fabrics in your home.

Please be careful when touching water-damaged items that are still damp. Wash your hands afterwards or, more preferably, wear gloves. Flood water can carry all sorts with it by the time it touches your fabrics. If it is from a town flood, it will often be sewage water. A single house flood will normally still carry plaster and dirt that needs to be removed from fabric items. (We often get enquiries like these in winter, when pipes are most vulnerable to bursting and likely to cause a house flood.)

Smoke: Do you have items suffering from smoke damage after a house fire?

Smoke Damage

In the event of a fire, even if an item is undamaged, it could still end up with a lingering smoke smell. This in itself could ruin an otherwise unaffected item and make you want to throw it out. But don’t worry — that can be treated. There are specialist smoke chemicals, for cleaning and de-smoking fabrics, which can render your smoky items good as new.

Are your cushions or bedding suffering from flood or smoke damage?

Can We Help?

With our Fabric Restoration service, we often restore whatever can be salvaged from a fire or flood. Clothing, bedding, cushion covers, curtains, the lot. We can save anything that isn’t too burnt or contaminated — and we think this is the best option, especially for anything that is too expensive or difficult to replace.

Please note: Unlike our other dry-cleaning services, which only take a few days, fabric restoration normally takes longer, due to the need to allow time for the damaged fabrics to dry fully before we begin restoring them back to their former glory.


Do you have any items suffering from flood or smoke damage? Would you rather not have to throw them away?
Get in touch today for our Fabric Restoration services and see how we can help you.