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Dressing for the Occasion: How We Can Help

What to Wear to the Races: Dressing for the Occasion

Off to the races this year? Then it’s time to up the fashion stakes in your summer frock or snappy suit. There’s plenty of choice of what to wear, and we hope you’ve chosen something that suits you well in terms of looks and personality. But we appreciate the troubles of dressing for an occasion. You might have a favourite ensemble that doesn’t quite fit you anymore. Or an outfit that you’ve worn once and hung up in the wardrobe, never to see the light of day again. Whatever your outfit dilemma, we’re here to help you get a winning return at this year’s fixtures.

Remember, you can always have your clothes altered — lengthened or shortened, let out or taken in. At Brighouse Dry Cleaners, we offer all these alteration services and more, as well as repairs, to make sure you’re a pundit favourite on race day. You don’t have to live with something that doesn’t quite fit, nor something with a missing button. And neither do you need to get rid of it. If you love it, keep it — and we will do the rest.

dressing for the occasion, suits
dressing for the occasion, fashion

Why not sell it?

On the other hand, if you don’t love it, why not sell it? Don’t be saddled with an unwanted garment. If you think you won’t wear it again, you may as well let someone else bet on it and make some money towards your next look. Lots of people like to buy clothes on eBay, and your item might be just the ticket they’re looking for… but it always helps when the clothes are in good condition. Again, that’s where we come in — not just with our excellent clothing repair services, but also our smartwear dry cleaning — to make sure your pre-loved outfit is a favourite on the course!

women at Ascot

So, whatever your plans are, this month or next, we hope we can help you to look the part.

men at the the races