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The Best Type of Salon Towels

types of salon towels

Salon towels often carry lots of residues, chemicals and germs.

Below we break down the best types of salon towels. With using lots of products, such as skin care, hair care, moisturisers etc. towels often carry the residues of these products. Leaving towels untreated can lead to safety risks as well as expensive damage of stock.


What are the best types of salon towels?

There are many different towels on the market. All are suitable to be used in spas as well as hair, beauty, nail and tanning salons. Due to there being so many, it means that there are a variety of different materials, brands and sizes to choose from and it can be a tough decision finding the right one for your business.


types of salon towels
100% cotton and cotton blends are the two main types of cotton towels:

  • 100% cotton is the go-to option in many kinds of salons as they absorb liquids quickly, as well as being very durable.
  • Cotton blend towels keep their shape for longer.

So, it depends upon personal preference! Be wary of recycled cottons as these result in less absorbency and durability.

Bleach safe

As well as towels being durable, stain resistant and soft, they should also be bleach resistant! The best bleach-safe towels are resistant to harsh chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, peroxide, acetone and dyes. Before purchasing, make sure the manufacturer guarantees they will never fade or lose colour.


Microfibre cloths are multipurpose, super-soft and useful in all parts of the salon.

They are:

  • Long lasting
  • More durable and ultra-absorbent compared to regular cotton linens
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • Quick and easy to dry
  • Shrink resistant

types of salon towels


You don’t want to have faded or stained towels in your business. Instead, you want to be as professional as possible! Good colour-safe linens should be fine in hot water and bleach without losing any colour. Always make sure to read the washing and manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing!

Paper towels

  • Can be found in two and three-ply thicknesses
  • They can have both textured or smooth surfaces
  • They’re easy to quickly clean up spills, splashes, and drips
  • Using them means you don’t create more laundry!

Mixing chemicals and non-chemical proof towels

Most salons and spas use harsh chemicals for salon services and cleaning. Non-chemical proof towels will quickly begin to appear spotty and frayed if used with these compounds. The cost of replacement linens can add up quickly, especially if towels start to wear after their first use.

Using the best types of Salon Towels in the wrong way

It’s best to make sure you have a daily supply of towels for each part of your salon, such as hair, nails and tanning, and that they are kept separate! If they are mixed around the different stations, they may not last very long as they’re exposed to contamination! Try to avoid using the same towel twice (unless it’s been properly cleaned in-between). A survey by Easydry found 65% would change their salon if they found out it did not provide fresh towels.

What types of salon towels do we supply?

  • Black salon towels that coordinate with and complement the décor and style of most salons and barber shops.
  • Microfibre towels that boast superior drying abilities and hygienic qualities. See more

If you’re one of the 32 hairdressing, barbering or beauty businesses in and around Brighouse, and struggle to find the time to provide fresh towels daily, we could help you!

With our Salon Towel Cleaning service, you’ll never run out of clean towels again!

types of salon towels