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Properly caring for your cashmere jumper

It’s ugly sweater season, and Brighouse Dry Cleaners is here to help you keep those babies in their best (or, in this case, worst) shape. Here are some tips for properly caring for your Christmas cashmere jumpers.

Hand wash
If the care label says “Dry Clean Only,” don’t waste another second. Bring it on down to Brighouse Dry Cleaners. We’ll clean and press it for you. But if there is flexibility, you ought to hand wash your sweater. Make sure you use cool water and use baby shampoo or a mild detergent. Mumsnet recommends Woolite.

Never wring
After washing, you’ll want to thoroughly rinse the garment, but never wring the water out of the sweater. While it may be tempting, it could ruin the shape of your sweater for good.

Lay flat to dry
Avoid the dryer at all costs. Instead, lay your sweater flat to dry. As the garment dries, you can reshape the sweater by gently tugging and smoothing out the fabric.
Tip: Wet cashmere can take days to dry. To cut the time in half, use a large salad spinner to spin off excess water. Use one with a pull cord; they’re more effective. Then lay flat to dry.

Iron inside out while damp
If your sweater has wrinkles, turn it inside out and iron it while it is still damp. You’ll also want to place a press cloth between the iron and the cashmere. You can always buy a press cloth, but household items, including hand towels or dish cloths, will work just fine.

Fold to store
To avoid a line running down the middle of the sweater, fold each side of the sweater inward by a third. Smooth the arms down, and fold in half. Never hang a cashmere sweater―it will cause shoulder dimples, and the pull of gravity will distort the overall shape.

There you have it! Some quick and easy tips for caring for your cashmere sweaters. Following these tidbits will ensure that your ugly sweater is in tip-top shape year after year.