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How Do I Wash My Christmas Jumper?

Christmas Jumper

Much like Christmas lights, songs and films, there’s nothing like a good old Christmas jumper to convey your festive spirit. The brighter, crazier and busier the better, we reckon!

Festive sweaters are even better when you wear them with pride for charity. Last Friday (15th) saw schools and businesses come together to rock their silly seasonal sweaters and colourful wacky woollies for Save the Children’s annual Christmas Jumper Day. Each participant who donned a Christmas-themed jumper was asked to donate £2 to help fund and achieve the international charity’s mission to create a world in which every child survives, learns and is protected via inspiring breakthroughs in the way the world treats children. Perhaps you and your colleagues or pupils joined in?

Save the Children, Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Jumper

Chances are if you’ve worn your Christmas jumper either for a charitable cause or to get into the party spirit for your Christmas do, you might have spilt wine, mince pie or Christmas dinner on your favourite Christmas sweater. Don’t worry, here are some tips to keep your Noel knits stain-free and clean:

Label Check

The first step is to always check the label for recommended washing instructions. If you have gone all-out with your Christmas jumper and it features sound buttons that can play cheery Christmas carols or dazzling lights, then chances are you shouldn’t wash it. Instead, you could try spot-cleaning, which involves only cleaning the stained section of the garment.

Winter Woollies

If your jumper is made of wool, or something similar, you can use your washing machine’s specialised wool cycle. Wool wash cycles have slower spin speeds than standard washing programmes, therefore minimising the risk of wearing out a woolly jumper.

Low Temperatures

Cashmere and woollen fabrics are deemed ‘delicate’ and don’t react well to heat. It’s best to wash them on low temperatures.

Christmas Jumper

Image credit: The Manchester Evening News

Dry Naturally

Avoid drying delicate fabrics like wool and cashmere in the tumble dryer. Instead, hang them outside (weather permitting) or on a clotheshorse to dry.

Pillowcase Power

Jumpers that have fragile decorations and embellishments on them should go on a gentle cycle in a pillowcase. Alternatively, you may want to hand-wash them to avoid damage.

Professional Help

If you’re really unsure and have a Christmas Jumper you’re particularly fond of or wish to wear in important company or to work, you can always ask a professional.

If you don’t own a Christmas jumper, it’s better late than never! The Manchester Evening News has compiled a fantastic list of retailers stocking the best Christmas jumpers of this year at affordable prices to suit every occasion to inspire you.

Reindeer? Snowmen? Santa Claus? We’d love to see what your Christmas jumper has on it. Send us photos on Twitter and Facebook and enjoy a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Brighouse Dry Cleaners!