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Cleaning Your Hairdressing Towels

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Are you a hairdresser or barber who goes through a lot of towels?

If so, how do you wash them? How many hairdressing towels do you go through per week? And how much is it costing you?

Feeling curious, we wanted to find out more about the towel-cleaning needs of the local area. So we decided to go around Brighouse and talk to some local hairdressers and barbers, and we had a mixed bag of responses.

Sometimes we found that a business didn’t go through many towels at all, with Charlie’s Gents Barbers reporting that they only take a few gowns home to wash every night. Similarly, Whitehead’s Hairdressing revealed that they don’t have to deal with a heavy load of salon towels: they take roughly 5 to 6 towels home each week.

For some, it’s not so easy.

Storm Hair, a local hairdresser’s (soon to become KDMs and move location to Bethel Street), go through quite a number of salon towels each week, which they always take home to wash. The exact number tends to vary, depending on how many customers request a hair dye — we can imagine that involves a lot of drying off! Either way, the three Storm Hair staff we spoke to estimated about 20 towels each per week.

Some businesses, we’ve found, have to deal with so many towels that they simply lose count. For instance, one hairdresser has to wash a bag-for-life’s worth of towels at home every night, while Mark Riley, Brighouse has to wash about two bin bags of salon towels in-house per day.

Having a washing machine in the salon is to be expected when the load becomes too much to take home each day. Taylor’s & Co go through over a hundred towels per day between the hairdressing and barber elements of their business. Edward & Co reported a similar situation — “basket’s never empty!” According to them, their onsite heavy-duty washing machine is a godsend.

Sounds like a pain.

If you have to wash a lot of hairdressing towels regularly, we bet it can be difficult, especially if you have to take them home to wash. But we think we have the perfect solution to your problem, which can save time, energy and money. Our Salon Towel Cleaning service means you don’t have to wash your towels, in-house or at home. You only need to use them.

We can provide you with a free initial supply of clean, high-quality, black salon towels; then, when you’re done, we’ll swap them for fresh ones. It’s that easy, really. If you think our Salon Towel Cleaning will help you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.