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Laundry Tips: Not All Stains Can Be Removed

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Yes, not even experts like us can get rid of every stain you bring to us…

But we do strive to do our best!



Most stains can easily be removed, however, there are those few that just won’t budge!

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Did you know that time is the main factor that determines whether or not a stain can be removed?

In this case, the quicker the better! Most stains will still be on the surface of your clothing at first, so avoid rubbing it! However, the longer you leave a stain on a fabric that more it will be absorbed into the garment.

For those that can be removed, here are some laundry tips to help.


Don’t apply heat!

Make sure to never apply heat to a stain… this includes putting a stained blanket, duvet, shirt or top in the dryer, using a hair dryer on it or giving it an iron!tumble dryer, heat, machine

If you have a dark top and you accidentally stain it, the stain will make that part of the fabric lighter and on the other end of the scale, if you stain a light-colored top, the stain will make your top darker.

So, please bear in mind that even when the stain has been removed, you may still be able to see the permanent colour damage that the stain made.

As soon as possible!

So, as soon as you see a stain on your clothing, be sure to get as much of it off as possible and take it to a professional dry cleaner (like us!). Items such as bedding, cushions, and rugs can be a problem, because unless the stain has just happened, usually when you find a stain it has been there for a while so could be a struggle to remove.

If you’ve already given up on your 2018 New Year’s resolution, then why not make it your mission this year to follow this advice, and get down to us as soon as you notice a stain!

We are here to help!😊