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The one thing most people forget to clean: Your Pillow


It’s Saturday – laundry day. You do a quick walk-through of your home, adding dirty laundry to the basket as you go. You add in dirty towels and washcloths. You add in bathroom mats and hand towels from the kitchen. You may even go as far as to wash your comforter and sheets. But you’re forgetting one important thing – your pillow!

The pillow is the one item that constantly gets missed when gathering laundry, and it might quite possibly be one of the most filthy. Think about it – on a nightly basis, your pillow is exposed natural body oils, makeup, sweat, hair products and even saliva. Sure your pillowcase provides a layer of protection, but who’s to say these things don’t leak through?

Here are three tips for ensuring your pillow stays fresh despite everything we put it through.


Wash Your Pillow
The reason why people forget to clean their pillow is because they don’t realise that it is machine washable. That’s right. Many pillows can be thrown into the wash (be sure to check the label first). For the best results, it is recommended that you soak the pillow in hot water mixed with laundry detergent and a pinch of bleach for about an hour, and then wash as you normally would. You may want to use a second rinse cycle.

If your pillow has stained yellow with age, use these handy tips for turning it sparkling white again. 

Dry Your Pillow
Of course, after washing your pillow, you will want to dry your pillow. Be sure to check the garment care label to ensure the manufacturer intended the pillow to be machine dried. Even if it is okay to tumble dry your pillow, you will want to ensure that you use the proper temperature setting. It’s a great idea to throw some balled up socks in the dryer with your pillow to fluff them as they dry and prevent them from becoming lumpy.

Regular maintenance
Switching out your pillowcase regularly is one way to keep your pillow from becoming old and worn before its time. You may also want to consider showering and removing makeup before bed to prevent dirt build-up.

Machine washing and drying your pillows is recommended 3-4 times per year in order to keep them fresh and in brand-new condition.

If you don’t want the hassle of washing your own pillows, just drop it into us and we’ll sort them for you, keeping them in top condition and freshly cleaned!

So, the next time you’re doing a walk-through of your home on laundry day, don’t forget the pillows!