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Southgate Shows Us How to Wear a Waistcoat

How to Wear a Waistcoat like Gareth Southgate

Lifting the trophy in the fashion stakes, the humble waistcoat scores with fans across the UK. Not only a football manager adored by a nation but a fashion icon, Gareth Southgate raised his fashion game and demonstrated pitch-side how to wear a waistcoat and remain stylish under pressure. He managed to instil hope in a nation and became a fashion influencer at the same time. The World Cup might be over, but the legacy of team manager Southgate lives on.




The impact of social media on sales

A huge social media movement labelled Waistcoat Wednesday shows just how powerful the world stage can be. Males across the UK took to social media to share snaps of how to wear a waistcoat. Gareth Southgate’s stylish pitch side attire attracted the attention of admirers across the world. Sales in navy M&S waistcoats that Southgate wore during the World Cup soared by 35 per cent during the tournament. eBay reported that searches for the style increased by 25 per cent, while tailoring label TM Lewin tweeted that sales of the piece were ‘going through the stadium roof’.

It’s not surprising given the unprecedented weather Brits have enjoyed over the past few months, that men across the country are turning their heads back to the waistcoat. A wardrobe staple for the warmer climates, a waistcoat provides a stylish yet practical alternative to the blazer. No longer a 3-piece suit but more an interchangeable two-piece across seasons.

How to wear a waistcoat

So why has Southgate turned to the waistcoat? The item has been described as the male version of the corset (albeit much more comfortable), framing the body to positive effect – depending on the body.


Make sure it has high armholes, fits snug around shoulders and torso but without any pulling around the buttonholes.

Button it

Always button up the waistcoat. It’s supposed to make you look more streamlined and tidy, so a loosely flapping waistcoat would undermine that. Always leave the top button undone, so it doesn’t pull up when you lift your arms.

Tuck it in

Don’t leave your shirt untucked, this only makes the wearer look sloppy in appearance. That goes for collars too, never have the collar of the shirt over the waistcoat.

Keep it simple

Avoid funky colours and patterns, traditional plain colours including blue, grey and brown work best.

Fast becoming a wardrobe staple for every occasion, waistcoats are a versatile garment, providing an extra layer of warmth throughout winter and stylish alternative to a jacket in the summer. The World Cup has ended, but we don’t hear the final whistle being blown on this stylish piece any time soon. Southgate’s signature waistcoats have become an unexpected fashion hit.

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