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The impact of Johnsons dry cleaners moving off the high-street


For a few years now, we’ve been hearing about closure after closure of Johnsons Dry Cleaning branches across the country.

They’re not disappearing forever though, having been bought out by Timpsons- a name you might recognise for cutting your keys or mending your shoes in your local supermarket! In a bold move, Timpsons plan to integrate the dry cleaning into your local petrol stations and supermarkets hoping it will make it easier for housewives and busy professionals to just drop it off when they do their everyday shopping.

So how will this affect the dry cleaning industry as a whole? Well there are several points to think on:


  • While it will be more convenient to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning in a place you visit every week, most dry cleaning places already offer a pickup and drop-off service.


  • There won’t be any actual dry cleaning machines or facilities in store, meaning they’ll have to send your clothes out to another place to be cleaned. You won’t know where your clothes have been sent or to who!


  • Outsourcing the actual dry cleaning also means a slow turnaround- you’ll most likely have to wait a week or more for your clothes to be done!


  • Clothes are more likely to be lost or damaged during transport to where they’ll actually be dry-cleaned.


  • The Timpsons employees won’t be trained specialists in dry cleaning, and while they may get some initial basic training, they’ll have no experience in the industry meaning they can’t really help with any queries or know how hard a stain might be to remove.


  • They’ll be dealing with a large amount of clothes in a small space, likely causing mix-ups and loss.


Teething problems in the first few years of turning their hands to dry cleaning could mean mistrust in the dry cleaning industry and the move could take business away from local dry cleaners that are experts and specialists in their fields.


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