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Specialist Wedding Dress Cleaning

wedding dress cleaning

It’s getting cold outside, and another wedding season is coming to an end. If you got married this summer, congratulations! We hope that your day was magical. Now that you’re back from your honeymoon and have settled into your happily ever after, you have a decision to make about the beautiful wedding dress that helped make your big day special: you can store it or sell it.

Whether you’re attached to your dress and want to save it for your children or need to make room in your wardrobe, you need to clean it as soon as possible. Even if you haven’t decided, it is important to clean it before getting started on those thank you notes.

Wedding are fun, and weddings are messy. Whether it’s from the wedding cake, spilled champagne or dancing the night away on the lawn, it’s unlikely that your dress will make it through the celebration without at least a few stains. (And if you think that champagne spills are not a problem because you can’t see them the next morning, google “invisible stain”- a type of stain that doesn’t usually show up until AFTER it’s been cleaned.)Wedding dress

The longer you wait, the more the stains will set. The dry cleaner will have to clean the dress for longer, but the stains are less likely to come out. Not surprisingly, wedding dresses are not made with durability in mind. The delicate materials that make wedding dresses so beautiful also make them fragile: heavy cleaning will take its toll.

According to eBay, second-hand wedding dresses are now one of the fastest-growing fashion items. However, it wasn’t long ago that wearing a used dress was considered taboo – unless it was a family heirloom. If you are ready to part ways with yours, getting it as clean as possible will help you get the best price and help the next bride look (almost) as good as you.

If you are keeping the dress after the occasion, we know how to store it so it will last forever in the box. wedding dress
Last tip: don’t forget to store the box in a safe place. We had a customer who kept hers in the attic. When the roof leaked, the dress got wet and mouldy- we don’t suggest taking the risk!

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