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The Winter Coat Care Guide

winter coat

Winter Coat season has most definitely arrived so it’s time to pull them out, dust them off and stay warm. If your coat doesn’t look quite right, we’re here to help!

winter coat

Here’re some ways to keep your coats looking great all the way to Spring:

  1. Keep them clean. Moisture can shorten the useful life of your coats. Never put them away wet. Allow them to air dry outside of your closet when they get wet from rain or snow.
  2. Allow coats room to breathe in the closet. A couple of inches on both sides should do the trick. Air circulation is important for the long-term usefulness of any garments, including coats.
  3. A coat that repels water helps keep dirt from finding the fabric and making a home. When you get a water repelling coat cleaned, apply a water repellent to ensure it’ll keep doing it’s job.
  4. Don’t leave your coat in your car just to be convenient when it turns cold. A coat left in a hot car, especially after getting wet and left crumpled on the back seat, can result in shrinkage, loss of shape and even a musty smell.
  5. Leather, suede and fur coats are a completely different deal. They require special methods of cleaning, conditioning and care. Make especially sure you wipe down these coats when they get wet or after a spill. Annual cleaning and conditioning will make sure your leather and suede last for decades.
  6. When in doubt, seek professional assistance. We’re professionals in cleaning and maintaining your winter coats. If you’re not sure where to turn when you spill that coffee or get caught in a snowstorm, bring them down to us and we’ll take care of it.

To take advantage of convenient laundry and dry cleaning services near you, give us a call or drop by!