Address:13 Bethel Street, Brighouse, HD6 1JR

01484 721 536

Opening Times:

Mon - Fri 8:30am to 5.30pm
Sat - 9am to 4pm

Billy Brighouse
Hello my name is Billy Brighouse

I am quite old but still feel sprightly for my age.
I have worked hard and been loved and cared for my whole life in Brighouse but now I feel I am ready to retire and see a little of the world.

There are lots of places throughout the world I have wished to visit and many more I have heard of but don’t know very much about.

If you would like to make an old bear very happy and show him a little bit of the world outside of the town I love I would be pleased to travel with you on one of your adventures. Please ask one of my “humans” if you can help.

Love from

billy brighouse

Billy Brighouse