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Spinning Jenny, Brighouse Dry Cleaners

Take A Journey Back in Time

If you could choose what time or era to travel back to what would it be? The age of battles and gladiator fights, the treacherous Tudor courts or perhaps the glamour 1920s? Either way it would be incredibly exciting, but since time travel unfortunately hasn’t been invented yet, we love bringing a little history to our dry cleaning premises in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. In fact we’re the only dry cleaners we know of that sport late 19th century decor and showcase antiques and early 20th century gems in our reception area!

Why do we like to transport our clients back in time?

As well as it being fun and making our customers’  wait for their clothes and curtains to be dry cleaned, altered or repaired more interesting, did you know the building that houses our dry cleaners is around 110-years-old? Our property used to serve as the old Salvation Army building in Brighouse. This is why our floor slopes slightly downwards so people on the back pews could see the service being conducted at the front and it still slopes today!

The building below is located just a little bit up the road from us on Bethel Street on the opposite side of the road and holds the plaque marking the fact that Salvation Army founder William Booth was a minister in Brighouse from 1857-1858.


Due to our building’s historical significance, our owner Martin started sourcing old antiques online to make our dry cleaners charming and unique. Some items though, like the Spinning Jenny (below) was amazingly handcrafted by a skilled customer! In the past it was used to get thread from sheep’s wool which was then weaved or dyed.


Spinning Jenny, Brighouse Dry Cleaners

Handcrafted: This Spinning Jenny was made by a customer.


We have a selection of antiques you’re more than welcome to enjoy, most of them laundry themed of course! Check them out in the gallery below or drop in and see us on Bethel Street, Brighouse!